Frequently Asked Questions

  • In this program, can I go at my own pace?

    Not exactly. You can go faster than the required length of time, but you can’t move slowly and take your time. Your will know exactly what you are supposed to do in each course during a two week interval. You will be required to do a specific amount of work in that time period. If you are in grades 4-8, your study time will be 4-5 hours each day, 5 days a week.
  • How will I know what I am expected to do on each subject?

    You will receive a check sheet (an assignment sheet) for each subject. It will show you exactly what is due and when (date) it is due. Everything is well organized and very simple to understand. If you have any questions, you may call and we will be happy to help.
  • What can I do if I really don’t understand the work? Can I get help?

    Yes. You may call and a teacher will help you. We want you to do well in school and be successful. We want to help you.
  • What if the work is too difficult?

    For Plano Home School Academy students, the curriculum will be sent to the child on the grade level that he is in if he is on grade level. If the child is working below grade level in some courses, then the curriculum can be ordered to fit the student’s needs. For North Texas Academy, we can modify any curriculum we need to so the student is successful.
  • Can I do this extension program and later return to a public or private school?

    Private schools have various rules and policies. We have found that for the most part, private schools will accept these courses and they will work with the student who has attended a school such as this. Public schools also have various rules and policies. Most public schools will give you credit for courses taken from our program. Some public schools simply want to test the student to see what level they are on and will decide from that point whether to accept and give credit for a course taken or not. If you are considering returning to a public school, you should get in touch with the school and let them know what you are planning to do. The public school will need to know that we are an ACCREDITED private school. Find out, from the school, what will occur and if they will accept the credits. We are accredited with the National Accreditation Agency.
  • Is this an “accredited” school?

    Yes, Plano Home School Academy/North Texas Academy is accredited with The National Accreditation Agency. Our teachers are certified teachers with degrees.
  • What does it cost to attend this school?

    The cost depends on which program you choose. Decide on which program is best for you, complete the application and mail it to us. Programs vary in cost.
  • What is my first step to get started?

    Decide which program is best for you and complete the application for that particular program. Mail it, following the directions on the application, to the school at:
    Plano Home School Academy/North Texas Academy
    903 18th Street, Suite #220
    Plano, Texas 75074